Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout Review

My Review of the Masters Hammer and Chisel Workout by Beachbody

masters hammer and chisel

You know what I wanted more than anything this year? To go from “skinny-fat” to cut, really cut, like those people you see on the beaches and at the spa. I always wondered how they really did it, and I had tried plenty of fad diets and workouts over the past few years trying to discover the secret.

But nothing seemed to work, and I stayed “skinny-fat” (you know the type, a non-existent chest or arms, yet a muffin top and healthy beer belly). In fact, I stayed this way for years even though every single year I vowed to erase my fat, develop some muscle, and chisel out those abs.

“Will this never end?” I asked myself a handful of months ago.

You probably have friends exactly like me… or maybe you’re even like me yourself. There seems to be literally no end to the workout recommendations (Ice Cream Fitness, anyone? Yes, that’s a thing). And there certainly seems to be no end to the new tricks that keep getting posted on Internet forums.

But you know what does seem to be missing? Progress. Real progress where I would lose weight and build muscle. I wanted to get ripped, not simply chew on Kale chips and stay weak.

That’s when I finally saw The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. First off, I’ll be completely honest (I always am, because that’s who I am)… Seeing Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese really caught my eye. They look good, really good.

“How did they do it?” I thought.

And as I read, I learned that they were committed to forming the body into a masterpiece. So much of what I’ve seen (and tried) is based on lopsided approaches that get lopsided results, when they even get results. No, in this case, with Sagi and Autumn, you could see a balance.

I asked myself if I could look like them, if I could have a sculpted body instead of all this fat and bone. With that, I gave it a try. Here’s what I discovered:

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What I liked best about The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout by Beachbody

It’s hard to know where to start because so much of this program really has resonated with me. Hands down, I have to say I love the simplicity of this program first of all.

It’s all about using the right tools to get the right results. The hammer and the chisel… that’s all the masters needed to create amazing works of art, why can’t it work with the human body too? Well, I found out it can.

The workouts focus on precision through a technique called SSP Training. I know, I know… at first I was like, “not another new term or technique!”

But hear me out here. It’s dead simple. SSP stands for Stabilization, Strength, and Power. It doesn’t get more simple than that. By treating each of these as different phases, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel focuses in on the different needs that your body has.

What does this lead to? Results, simple and awesome results. You really can’t get any more simple than that. Either the results are there or they aren’t.

For me, the results came pretty quickly. Now, I’m not going to paint you some perfect picture where you do nothing and get these results. That’s not how this program works. Sagi and Autumn are upfront about that (which I love).

But once you get rolling, the fat starts to evaporate, you start to see your abs… you have no idea how awesome this feels, trust me. And you keep training because it’s so simple and it’s working!

Here’s a few more things I enjoyed about The Master’s Hammer and Chisel:

  • The nutrition plan that comes with the program makes portion control easy.
  • The program targets your entire body, so you don’t end up with big arms, but “chicken” legs. There’s a balance that proves that Sagi and Autumn are serious trainers.
  • Which brings me to my next point… Sagi and Autumn are awesome trainers. Experienced, friendly, and serious. You couldn’t ask for more now that these two have gotten together.

Now, when I go to the club for a swim…

Well, we’ll get to that in a moment. Let’s break down the pros and cons first to get a real look at how this program will work for you.


  • World-class trainers sharing their years of experience with you. You won’t feel like a novice with them by your side.
  • The program has a 60 day progress schedule, from flab to fit so you can start seeing the results and feel motivated quickly
  • Workouts that are 30 to 40 minutes long, which is good because I have a busy schedule. I can’t be in the gym for 3 hours a day every day, and I’m sure you can’t be either.
  • Customization in the meal planning is a plus. With the color-coded system, you won’t be guessing what to eat or how much. I struggled a lot to keep track of my eating with other programs, but The Master’s Hammer and Chisel makes it simple, like I’ve said.
  • The program includes a quick start guide and a calendar that I really appreciated. This made it way easier to keep track of what I was doing while getting started right away.
  • 12 serious workouts on 6 DVDs. These are intense, I must say, but Sagi and Autumn really guide you through the program and keep you motivated at the same time.
  • The Bonus DVDs were a nice addition to an already good program. If I was having an especially good day, I’d add this to my routine.
  • I loved the 24/7 online support by far. It was free and I knew I was connecting to experts when I asked a question that pertained to my lifestyle or my specific needs.
  • The 100% money back guarantee meant that I knew they stood by their product and that I would get the results I was looking for.


  • I probably could have used the option to add on another Shaker Cup. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great alongside the colored containers, but it would make having a clean one ready each day easier.
  • With this being a new program, you’ll quickly be excited anticipating the next DVDs they release.

Click Here if you’re looking to buy the Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout and you will be taken to Beachbody’s official website

What comes with the program?

Hammer And Chisel Package

  • 6 DVDs full of awesome workouts that hone your whole body.
  • 7 Color-coded containers that go with the nutrition guide.
  • TheShakeology® Shaker Cup for beverages.
  • The Program and Nutrition Guide with recipes and workouts.
  • The Quick Start Guide, which acts as a blue print and gets you going.
  • 60 workout calendar to keep track of all your progress.
  • 3 FREE bonuses: 2 additional workout DVDs and 24/7 online support.

But what you’ve really been waiting to hear about: My results!

I remember reading the testimonials for this program and wondering if I would be like them. Would my before and after picture really look like that?

It really did!

I found it hard to believe that any program could chisel out a body like that so quickly, but I’m telling you, you can’t just see my abs, you can see the definition across my entire body. I lost 12 pounds and built a solid chest.

I even got the free t-shirt with my photos! All I did was send in my before and after pictures to show exactly what The Master’s Hammer and Chisel had done for me. It’s no joke… you’re the proof the program works!

Now when I go to the club or spa, I feel so confident in myself. This is a big plus for me as I was a little self-conscious before. But I’ll go for a swim or a run, and people take a double take as I go by. It really has worked wonders for me.

I’m even more confident in the dating scene around my city and feel like this program has gotten me out of my shell and out on the dance floor. I’m stronger, more powerful, and look better than I ever have before in my life.

That’s the real proof here. Forget all those fad diets and workouts, go with these two trainers who clearly know what they’re doing. I give it two thumbs without hesitation, because I’m the masterpiece they helped me be. I really am the proof that the program works.

Best Place to Buy Master’s Hammer and Chisel?

If you’re looking to pick this program up (and why wouldn’t you?!), I recommend buying it directly from Beachbody’s official website.

Not only is it the lowest price you will find it anywhere, but by buying straight from the company themselves you know you’re getting everything you pay for including the guarantee.

Shipping from them is also fast, so you will be able to get started right away!

Wrapping Up

In case it isn’t obvious, I really love this program. It includes everything you need to get in the shape you want, from the workouts themselves to the easy-to-follow nutrition plan.

They really left nothing out here, which I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a reputable company like Beachbody.

Whether you’re new to working out or someone who has been struggling with various other programs and not seeing the results you want, Master’s Hammer and Chisel will get you where you want to be as long as you stick with it.

Give it a shot, you owe it to yourself!

And here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

Getting a Good Sleep is Part of Being Healthy

good sleep increases health

So you start your day’s work out, and you’re pumped and ready to go. You do your warm-ups and start in, only to find out there’s a big problem… you’re out of energy. In fact, you didn’t get enough sleep this week, and it’s finally catching up to you. You work out for a few minutes and then realize you’ve lost all steam. The next thing you know, you’re throwing in the towel.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Part of being healthy is also getting a good night’s sleep. You’ll have more energy, which can help in so many ways. Not only will you be less likely to skip a workout (or two), but you’ll also ensure that you have proper form, are focused, and that you enjoy your workouts.

This is especially important when you’re following a routine like The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout, which is pretty demanding on the body.

So how do you make sure that you get the best sleep each night? Follow these steps:

1. Turn off those screens

In our modern era, we’re surrounded by computer monitors and cellphone screens. These have the side of effect of tricking your body into thinking the sun is still out when it’s not. At least an hour before bed, turn those screens off.

2. Dim the lights

Like with computer screens and cellphones, you’ll also want to dim the lights a bit as you get closer to sleep time. This helps signal to your body that you’ll be turning in for the night.

3. Avoid doing any work or reading

If all you’re thinking about as you drift off to sleep is all the work you need to get done, you probably won’t sleep well. Skip doing work or even reading at least half an hour before bed to give your mind time to settle down.

4. Make your sleep area as relaxing as possible

However you sleep best, you’ll want to make the area you sleep in as inviting and welcoming as possible. This ensure that you can relax and let go as you drift off to sleep.

5. Use a noise machine

And if all else fails, a noise machine can be very helpful for many people. You can even download one to your phone for free. With these other steps along with this one, you’ll be sure to sleep better and live healthier.

We hope these tips will help you perform better while using The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout!

5 Meal Ideas for Your Next Meatless Mondays

Masters hammer and chisel reviews

While meat and fish are parts of a well-rounded diet, more and more people are choosing to skip meat once or twice a week. Doing so can help ensure other protein sources, as well as boost your fruit and veggie intake. This is also vital to ensuring you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.

These recipes you are about to read are essential to getting the results you want while using The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout.

However, Meatless Mondays (as it’s often called) don’t have to be boring. In fact, there are many great recipes that are delicious and healthy. Imagine that! But what are some of these awesome dishes that are so tasty and good for you?

That’s a very good question. Here’s our run-down of some of the best to choose from.

1. Vegetarian chili with 5 different kinds of beans

With all the different beans and legumes there are at our fingertips, all you need is a packet of chili powder and some spices to make a really delicious bean chili.

2. Warm Italian panini with tomato soup

Making a vegetable panini is quick and simple, and they’re pleasing to the taste buds. Add a bowl of soup, and you’ve got a full meal in about 10 minutes.

3. Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and diced roasted eggplant

You’ve probably heard that carbs aren’t always your friend. But Spaghetti squash, once baked and removed, is very similar to real spaghetti but without all those carbs. Roast some diced eggplant and add your favorite sauce, and you’ve got a healthy version of spaghetti and meat-less meatballs.

4. Hearty vegetable potpie

This one might require a little more planning and time, but potpies can be pretty easy to make. Plus, all you need to do is hold the meat to have a veggie version of this meal.

5. Tofu stir-fry with brown rice or quinoa

Finally, we recommend a good stir-fry because of the diversity of vegetables you can add to it. While white rice isn’t exactly the best, a small side of brown rice will provide you with a good part of your daily dose of B vitamins. And you can always try quinoa!

These recipes should help you enjoy your progress while using The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout program.

Each of these is a great choice for your Meatless Mondays. Not only are they very easy, but they’re also flexible and there are plenty of recipes for them around the Internet that you can base them off of. Try one!

How to Get Back On Track With Your New Year’s Health Goal

Masters hammer and chisel review

Right around this time of year, many people start to question whether their New Year’s resolution to a healthier life is still in the cards. Given the demands of life, it makes sense that you might not be living up to the expectation you set yourself.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up! It’s very common for people of all ages to come to a point a few months after they’ve made those goals and feel they aren’t hitting the mark. Just because you haven’t been perfect, doesn’t mean you have to throw your goals out the window. In fact, the opposite is true. Getting healthy is probably still as important to you now as it was then. All you need is a few simple tips to get back on track to a healthier you.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout program is designed to give quick and long term results, especially when paired with a good mindset.

1. Remember why you started

The best place to start is by remembering why the goal of a healthier life was so important to you in the first place. Reminding yourself of those reasons helps you recall what being healthy means to you.

2. Assess your current standing

If you’ve hit the weights or maybe the track once a week since the start of the year, you’re going to be in a different place than if you haven’t done anything at all. Take note of what’s worked so far and what hasn’t.

3. Consider revamping your plan

Depending on what you find in step 2, you might want to tweak your original plan slightly. This doesn’t mean drastically modifying it. What it does mean is revamping your plan so that it’s still a challenge, but that it meets you where you are now.

4. Get yourself motivated

Being healthy isn’t just about sweat, it’s also about feeling good. Motivation is the key for making sure you’re able to stay on track once you do re-commit to your plans. Start an inspiration board that gets you pumped about what being healthy will get you. Or even buddy up with a friend to get encouragement and support. Even share this article with them so they can help you with each of these steps!

When working out with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program, remember that you started using these exercises to get in shape, look good, and feel good. It all starts with the proper mindset!

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